Plan Your Estate in 2024 with Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

What new changes will you be working toward in 2024? A healthier lifestyle? Financial security? What about your family's future? Estate planning should be a crucial part of your new year, and you should start preparing now. At Fryer and Hansen of McAllen, we want to help you understand the ins and outs of estate... read more

6 Common Estate Planning FAQs from Our Lawyers in McAllen – Part 1

The estate planning process can be simple enough for some to complete. For most others, however, the process can be overwhelming, confusing, and full of questions. We want to share a few common estate planning FAQs, so you are in the know. At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, we know how vital estate planning can... read more

Our Attorneys in McAllen Show How Not to Fall Victim to a Trust Scam. Here’s How.

Our attorneys in McAllen state; in estate planning, a living trust is a document that essentially helps manage your possessions. One important function is it allows you to name a trustee who can make decisions about your property on your behalf. If you were to fall ill or suffered an accident, this trustee would be... read more