Our Probate Attorney McAllen TX Talks Contesting Wills

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, disputes arise in the probate process, making it a complex and emotionally challenging experience. Our probate attorney McAllen TX understands you want to avoid bringing negativity into the mix. That’s why we work tirelessly to help you resolve conflicts efficiently and amicably. Our McAllen estate... read more

Factors to Consider When Leaving Cryptocurrency in a Will with our McAllen Lawyers

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others, have taken the world by storm. While relatively new, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity and is highly valuable. If you own cryptocurrency, how do you intend to distribute it in your estate plan? Our probate lawyers in McAllen know! Can you leave it... read more

Answering Your Most Common Questions About Probate Law in McAllen – Part 2

In a previous blog, our probate attorneys in McAllen, TX, answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding probate law. We understand this topic is vast and includes multiple factors. Our experts want to provide more information on the subject to clarify the probate process for you. What is an Executor? No matter what step of the... read more

Answering Your Most Common Questions About Probate Law in McAllen – Part 1

The judicial system can appear to be a confusing process especially as you factor in laws, lawyers and judicial matters such as probate court. It’s the reason why so many people avoid dealing with important legal procedures, such as the probate process, distributing assets, and so on. Our probate attorneys in McAllen are here to... read more

3 Issues That Can Come Up if You Neglect an Estate Plan

A common misconception about estate planning says that a surviving spouse will receive all of the property and possessions from the deceased. Not only is this not true, but according to the Texas State Legislature, only a probate court can determine how property is distributed if no will exists. This means that, after you pass, and without... read more

Community and Separate Property: Knowing the Basics of the Two if You Refuse to Draft a Will

Many may consider estate planning, which will-drafting falls under, to be a waste of time and effort. After all, if a person has few possessions, what’s the point of listing who among their family and friends will inherit them? This is the wrong mindset to have. Everyone should draft a will, no matter how little... read more

2 Guardianship Roles That You Should Know About with the Help of Our McAllen Lawyers – Part 2

If you’re putting together an estate plan, chances are that you’ve appointed some of your loved ones to carry out the requests you’ve set out in your will. However, have you considered requesting a family member to be your guardian? The guardianship role is appointed by a court to someone who will care for a... read more

Planning Your Estate: Knowing the Difference Between Probate and Non–Probate Assets

A major step in estate planning includes determining your assets and deciding which items you’d like to leave to your heirs, close friends, and acquaintances. It may sound daunting at first to categorize everything you own, however, deciding can be easy once you know what a probate and a non–probate asset is. Our estate planning... read more

Take a Closer Look at How the Probate Process Works with Our Lawyers in McAllen

The process of drafting a will can be overwhelming and oftentimes complicated. Let our lawyers in McAllen take a close look at what this process is all about and how our legal assistance can be beneficial to you. When is Probate Necessary? We highly suggest going through the probate process if you own any type... read more