Answering Your Most Common Questions About Probate Law in McAllen – Part 2

In a previous blog, our probate attorneys in McAllen, TX, answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding probate law. We understand this topic is vast and includes multiple factors. Our experts want to provide more information on the subject to clarify the probate process for you.

What is an Executor?

No matter what step of the probate process you find yourself in, you are likely to hear the term “executor.” It sounds intimidating, but the role an executor plays is simple. You assign an executor to your will. The executor you choose is responsible for:

Elderly woman smiling with granddaughter after signing a wills and trusts with our mcallen attorneys

Who Do I Choose for Executor of My Will?

If you’re trying to decide who should fill the role of an executor in the probate process, consider the following:

  • Add an alternate executor in your will if your first choice is unavailable.
  • It should be someone you trust and who is willing and capable to serve in the role.
  • Consider avoiding choosing a family member who is more likely to mourn instead of focusing on the part of an executor.

Are Handwritten Wills Really Valid?

Some people cannot use computers or are hesitant about others typing out a will for them. However, a person may choose to create a handwritten will. Fortunately, in Texas, handwritten wills are valid. However, it will only be accepted if written entirely by the individual and signed.

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