Top Reasons Our Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen Recommend a Will – Part 1

Did you know that, according to a survey from, two out of three adults don’t have a will? The percentage of adults with a will dropped from 42 percent in 2017 to 32 percent in 2021. Having a will allows you to control how your hard-earned property is distributed. Our McAllen lawyers want to share a few reasons you want a will.

Your Pets

Whether they are feathery, fluffy, or have scales, our pets mean the world to us. To ensure your pet is not abandoned, you can name a beneficiary for your pet in a will, such as a family member or friend.

Assign Trusts or Donations to Causes You Support

If you’ve been an avid advocate of support groups, charities, or other causes you’re passionate about, you can continue making an impression through your will. As you plan your estate, you can denote that you wish for part of your estate, or a trust document, to be left to a charitable organization of your choosing.

Choose Who WON’T Get Your Stuff

We all know your will is used to denote who will be receiving your property, but did you know you can also state who won’t be getting any of your belongings? For example, if you feel an ex-spouse may seek inheritance during the probate process, you can prepare clear instructions to prevent them from receiving anything.

Mitigate Any Conflict

Unfortunately, when a person dies without a will, it leaves the door open for family members to contest that document. Avoid potential family legal disputes by finalizing a clearly-written will with specific instructions.

Work with Reliable Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

At Fryer and Hansen, our McAllen lawyers understand how important a will is for you and your family. It’s the reason why we’ve devoted so many years and so much of our expertise to families around the Rio Grande Valley. Take the first step into security with us and send us a message online to get started.

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