Our McAllen Lawyers Answer: Should Your Estate Plan Really Be a DIY Undertaking?

Today’s world is all about doing things on your own. A DIY project is a point of great pride and the perfect way to learn how to do just about anything. Though, we have to ask:

Should you really rely on a Google search or a YouTube video to create your end-of-life documents – that impact your spouse, your children, and your future?

Our lawyers in McAllen, Texas believe one of the best ways to ensure your estate plan is full-proof is by getting detailed guidance from the Hansen and Fryer law firm. Failing to do so can lead to some of the following mistakes.

Issues for Your Children

One of the things you may miss when planning your own estate is your children’s future if you and your spouse are to pass at a younger age. If you did not prepare your estate plan correctly:

  • A judge will be forced to appoint a guarding for your children.
  • The guardian usually is either next of kin or a court-appointed individual.
  • Whoever the guardian ends up being may not meet your approval.

Causes Problems for Your Assets

Let’s say the estate plan you create on your own does not clearly state how your possessions will be distributed. A probate court judge will have to step in and make the decision for you and:

  • Potentially designate a third or half of your property to your spouse
  • Half or all of your property to your children. 
  • Or multiple family members may be hurt by not receiving what you wanted to give them. 

Won’t Decide on Major Medical Decisions

One factor many people often overlook when creating their estate plan is their future health outlook. If you were to fall seriously ill in the future and unable to make your own medical decisions:

  • A probate court judge will assign a healthcare guardian for you. 
  • This guardian has control over your legal representation and care.
  • The guardian can potentially make decisions you may not fully agree with. 

You can always count on Fryer and Hansen to step in and provide you with the professionalism, experience, and support that only our established firm can provide.

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If you’ve recently decided to draft your estate plan, we strongly suggest you seek a McAllen lawyers help. You can potentially avoid many issues that could affect your loved ones. Send us a message for more information about the services we can provide.  

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